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Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to uninstall system apps - Alcatel OT-990

Learn how to uninstall system apps that for some reason you find them unnecessary or don't like them, for example: Pinball. This way you get more space to install your favorite applications.
Alcatel included a new partition where are the most system apps (/custpack partition). For this reason apps such as Root Uninstaller don't work completely, although detect the apps, they are not able to uninstall apps because they are programmed to search in /system and /data partitions...

You will learn to uninstall them manually, in a little long but safe method.

For example, I will uninstall the application: Pinball.
  1. In ES File Explorer press Menu button -> Settings and choose Root Explorer, root permission will prompt you, accept.
    Note: This step is not necessary if you're just going to uninstall applications of the /custapack partition.
  2. Return to the main screen and click on Bookmarks -> / (phone icon).
  3. Find the custpack folder and then app. Here are the most of system apps.
  4. Search Pinball.apk app (name can vary), hold down on the app until it pops the context menu, then choose Delete and press OK.
    Note: Rather than delete the application, you can cut and save it on the SD card to have a backup in case you want in the future reuse it.
  5. Exit Es File Explorer and run Link2SD, press Menu -> More and Clear Dalvik-cache.
  6. Link2SD will search unnecessary cache, and will let you know if it find something, Press OK.
  7. That's it, now you have to restart your phone.
Note: The same procedure for uninstalling applications in the /system and /data partitions, without the exception of step No.1. Although it would be easier with apps such as Root Uninstaller.


  1. i do it with root unistaller of doohkos i find any problem to my phone???please answer me.i dont want to ruin my phone!

  2. @panos7, Yes you can use it, but it only will work for apps that are on: /system/app...

  3. Thank you very much for this solution !!!!!!!!

    Worked fine on my OT990, no other solution was working...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. when m trying to go to Root Explorer it was showing a error "sorry,test failed.The feature can not be run on your phone".plz help me...